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Autumn was excellent with our Doberman, Roxie. Roxie was a rescue who had quite a trauma history. Roxie was about 15 months old, had been a stray, had Parvo and been given back to the rescue. We weren't aware she was people aggressive and animal aggressive when we adopted her. Autumn took her and taught her to trust her people. She worked with Roxie, taught her to heel, obey her commands, and wait until instructed to come inside. Roxie went from barking constantly during car rides to riding and not being afraid. Roxie is able to go into pet friendly stores and do quite well, even though she still has some anxiety, she has learned to trust her people. Roxie is still a little anxious about meeting other dogs but can do so without incident. We followed the 90-day plan Autumn gave us when we picked Roxie up. We are still exposing Roxie to new experiences. Roxie is a wonderful, playful, loving family member,

living her best life thanks to

Autumn's expert training.



My sheepadoodle Riley was hyper and had bad anxiety from just about everything it seems. Go Forth K9 has made a huge difference in his and our lives. He is much calmer and knows what i want from him now. He listens to me and is able to calm down and relax with the family, which is a blessing for all. Autumn even helped me figure out some better food to help Riley with his allergies! Definitely glad I sent Riley to Autumn!




Autumn took Shelton, our 18mo Goldendoodle, and transformed him! He is such a good dog now, and he is so pleasant to be around! He is still playful and fun, just more obedient and compliant. We are so grateful we chose to send him to Go Forth K9! The aspect that sold me on sending Shelton to Autumn is that he was in a family environment very much like ours - they treated him as a member of the family. He’d train while dinner was being made, he took family walks with them, he joined them on errands, etc. I knew he was well taken care of and getting lots of attention. One thing that was exhausting before he attended Go Forth K9 were our walks. He loves to walk! But it was very tiring as he would pull on the leash, chase a blowing leaf, bark and pull when he saw other dogs, etc. That has all changed since his training with Go Forth. Walking him is so easy, and I actually look forward to it! Shelton went to the groomer today for the first time since his training. When I went to pick him up from the groomer, she mentioned how good he was and how obedient he had been - so much better than the other times they had groomed him. She told me that BEFORE I told her he had been to three weeks of training. She was so impressed and wanted Autumn’s info. She said some of her clients had sent their dogs to train, and they haven’t really been able to tell a difference in the dog’s behavior, but she could really see the difference in Shelton! She said,” He was so much more confident and not fearful anymore. We were so impressed at the change in him today!” So, thank you, Autumn, for making our family pet so obedient and yet still so fun to be around. We are so grateful that we made the decision and

investment in his training with Go Forth, 




Autumn did a wonderful job with our Bernedoodle. We get compliments on his behavior regularly. After his stay with Autumn, our dog was able to heel off leash, came to me on command (an issue with him), and would stay in a down or sit until given permission to get up. We also love the "place" command and use it frequently when company is over. Autumn is extremely gifted at training.... having an obedient dog is worth every penny! She will also sit down and explain all the training and commands before you take your dog home so that you can continue the training process after leaving. Some may think the 90 days feels too long after you get home, but it is worth doing to have an obedient dog!

We are so thankful to Autumn.





We sent our anxious German Shepard to Autumn. She did an amazing job with getting him to know the basics. The main one that I love is the down where I can get him down by me when he’s nervous and knows that I will protect him. He’s got such a playful and gentle heart. I’m glad she was able to guide us with him and his anxiety. Thank again!! If you’re looking for a great trainer this is her. She makes sure she does all she can for your dog!! When she says

your dog only better she means it!



We have been home for 2 weeks after our Shadow went for training. Blown away with the positive changes that have occurred in such a short while. After we rescued Shadow, we found very quickly he was a highly reactive dog that made walking him impossible, and quite frankly, embarrassing. Today we walked at Lake Hefner as a family with our other dog and it was PERFECT. It was stress free and fun. (And daylight! it got to the point we walked him at night to save the barking.) Autumn was incredible with our dog, and also incorporating our children into the training, making the teaching for all ages, and involving all members of our family. Highly recommend this training.

Best thing we ever did for our fur baby!




Go Forth K9.jpg

Mavis was incredibly fearful anytime we left the house, showing aggression to other people and dogs alike. I was so afraid she was going to get out of the house and eventually bite someone. After training with Autumn at Go Forth K9 she is a much more trustworthy dog, coming when called and avoiding distractions on walks and outings.  She also picked up some exciting new skills, like the ability to climb steep stairs on a slide. Awesome people with awesome results.



Can't say enough good things about Go Forth K9. Our 7-month-old golden retriever, Remy, had food aggression. He was biting both me and my wife. I was having to wear gloves to feed him for fear he would hurt my hands. After being trained by Autumn his aggression is no longer an issue. He learned basic obedience and follows his commands with such enthusiasm. Couldn't be happier with results. Part of the process involves training/educating the for owners as well.

We are grateful for the help we received.



Nova &Nimbus


We are so impressed with Autumn, we are so thankful we found her! She trains dogs in the comfort of her home, treats them as her own giving them love and praise as they learn new skills and improve on obedience. She posts updates regularly on social media that show you how your dog is doing. She even helped us find new supplements help with allergies and treats for our picky eater. She was easy to contact, responded quickly and answered any questions we had before, during, and after training. At pickup she made sure we didn't leave until we and our pup were confident in how to perform skills and maintain her learning. She even helped us introduce our new puppy to our other dog which was awesome! Our dog is still the same sweet doodle we dropped off, but she has so much more confidence, able to settle, relax and just be the wonderful pup she is! With Go Forth K9 you can be sure that your dog will be loved, safe, and well cared for the entire time they are there. Thank you, Autumn!


Autumn took my very excitable, poorly behaved dog Jewel and turned her into a very pleasant companion. She no longer pounces on our other, smaller dog for which I'm sure he's very grateful. Jewel is now allowed in the house, behaves very well, most of the time sits quietly by my feet and requires little correction. Autumn gave me the dog I wanted. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a dog that needs training!




Autumn and her family gave our sweet puppy Augie the basics. He learned a lot and was treated as their own while he was there. Her fees are fair. I had piece of mind that our boy was safe and well cared for during his time in her home. She gave great follow up instructions that were tailored specifically for Augie.
I would highly recommend Go Forth K9.


Go Forth K9 did an amazing job with Freya. Prior to investing in their program Freya was a mess to walk on the leash. After getting her back and continuing with the 90 day homework plan, walks are easy. Friends of mine have dog sat Freya before and after her board and train with Go Forth K9 and even they saw a difference. I highly recommend Autumn and Go Forth K9 for all new dog owners and dogs.





My 8-month-old German Shepherd did the 3-week board & train with Autumn. He was a rescue and she fit him in quickly since I was a bit overwhelmed at the addition to the family. She kept me updated on his progress. He had a foot problem and she immediately texted to see what I wanted to do. Getting Jack trained was the best decision. Autumn did a great job and I'm so grateful she trained Jack!


Autumn has worked perfect with our dog Ellie. Ellie is our first dog. She had issues with biting as a puppy which was a bit more than usual. She is sweet but over excited. Her training with Autumn just brought out the best in her and she is a sweet girl and able to control her excitement! We enjoy Ellie so much more now, thanks to Autumn.


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