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I'm Autumn Goforth and I started Go Forth K9 in October of 2019. 
Through training, I help dogs stay in homes that love them, support my family, and support my own personal dog habit.
I learned how to train dogs through hands on training experience, seminars, training courses and with the assistance and advice of fellow trainers I respect. 
I became interested in dog training when I bought my first Rottweiler. He was a male and I thought, "Wow, I own a male Rottweiler, I need to get started training." I am now on Rottweiler 3, and 4! I have two Rottweiler girls, Leeta and Zeno.
Leeta is a UKC Champion, has her Rally 2 title (an obedience title), and a UWP in UKC weight pull. 
Zeno is a UKC Champion as well, and we are working towards more titles. 


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