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So, you're looking for a dog trainer?

Every time you have an interaction with your dog, you are training. Your dog sits and you give him a cookie? Positive reinforcement, you are going to get more sits because you gave the dog a cookie for sitting. 

The problems arise when your dog is training you!

Your dog likely knows that if he stares at, paws, or barks at you will likely get up and let them out, feed them dinner, or throw the ball when he shoves it in your lap over and over and over again. By doing what your dog demands, like throwing the ball, you are rewarding their demand. You likely didn't even realize you were rewarding the dog; you were just trying to get that annoying behavior to stop.

Dog training is all about the relationship between you and your dog. You are already a dog trainer; you just need to learn how to build on your relationship with your dog. Using a common sense, plainspoken approach, I help you build that relationship to improve your life with your dog. I train you and your dog by teaching you the skills needed to clearly communicate with your dog. This helps to give you a dog that's easier to walk, live with, and take fun places.

Whether you have a new rescue, a rambunctious puppy or have decided it's time for a change, we can help! 




What's your BUT?

My dog is great at home


on walks he pulls really hard.

My dog is so sweet with me


he growls at my husband!

I love having family and friends over, 


 I can't because my dog jumps on everyone.

We hear these things all the time and

can help make it better!


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